I’ve lived in New Orleans long enough now that “Will Work for Food” has become all too true. Not that attempting to understanding the byzantine rebuilding process isn’t a worthy end in itself, but now that there are brownies on the line… (no offence to Byzantium – we should be so lucky)

Having a go at Maitri’s City Rebuilding Essay Contest, I’m having trouble figuring out exactly who CityWorks is/are. I’ve never attended one of their meetings, and the content on their website is a little too generalized for me to get a grasp on them. Can anyone give me a little background or point me to a better source?

Alas, the brownies may never be mine, but there’s nothing like invoking chocolate and my latent competitive streak to force me into a Learning Experience…

5 Responses to “Maitri’s Contest – who are CityWorks?”

  1. Karen Says:

    City Works probably has less content on their site because they lack a substantial acronym. The acronym obsession has taken over.

    In fact I wake up most mornings humming,” You are Nobody till Somebody acronyms you.”

  2. MarkFolse Says:

    Not a clue. It’s not a very information website. I think we can just call them CW or CWorks for short, if we fell compelling.

    My own attempt at a graphic representation of the whole problem is here: toulousestreet.wordpress.com

  3. becky Says:

    The “eye” of your recovery storm graphic says it all.

  4. Sarah Elise Says:

    Here’s my take on CityWorks. I was truly taken aback by the vagueness of their website when I first saw it. It looked like a front for some type of drug enterprise, etc… In reality, CityWorks website is so vague because the organization lacks a clear programmatic agenda. As we all know, they are currently working on mapping New Orleans neighborhood organizations, but I don’t think they have any other concrete programs on the horizon.

    Here’s a clue for the essay contest (and if you win I expect a bite of your yummy reward), as of this week they have been hired by Concordia to finish their neighborhood group map to facilitate the Unified Planning Process.

  5. becky Says:

    I see…the plot thickens. I think a collaborative brownie-seeking effort is in order…