Herring in Delft

January 26th, 2007

Okay, it’s raw, not pickled (sorry, Adrastos), but I did my tourist’s duty, and it wasn’t half bad. Still, I have to say I prefered pannekoeken and rijsttaffel as far as Dutch cuisine goes.

8 Responses to “Herring in Delft”

  1. Karen Says:

    We missed you…

  2. becky Says:

    Wish you were there…

  3. Editor B Says:

    Yummy. Raw is even better than pickled.

  4. Mary K Says:

    You’re a braver soul than I am.

  5. becky Says:

    What is it, really, but sushi on a bun (with diced onions)? A little mustard would have been tasty too.

  6. Adrastos Says:

    Herring is herring is herring is herring…

  7. becky Says:

    I don’t knew… There’s herring and then there’s Surstr├â┬Âmming. This definitely didn’t smell like “garbage left out in the sun for a couple of days.”

  8. Adrastos Says:

    You’re scaring me, Becky…