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October 3rd, 2006

The anniversary of Rita’s landfall passed back on September 24, not completely without fanfare, but with rather less than Katrina’s. The fourth-most intense Atlantic hurricane ever recorded, and still no respect.

That means that it must have been just about a year ago today that I was heading back to Houston from Austin, leaving a day later than I’d planned while I waited for my cat to come out of the hole in the wall he found in my brother’s closet. Some friends and I had just made plans to head back into New Orleans for the first time, just to see how things stood with our apartments – I thought at that time that it would be a quick trip and that I’d still need to stay in Houston for some time to come. So I left the recalcitrant cats with my aunt and uncle, and a couple days later (I can’t remember quite how long), I was back on I-10 eastbound, wondering belatedly how far it would be before I reached a parish with an open gas station, and eyeing roadside shrubbery in case nature called before I found a town that wasn’t still wiped out.

It feels like almost the anniversary that August 29 was.